Friday, March 7, 2008

... Which Sometimes Splits Too Fine

Then there are little gotchas in C++/CLI that just go to show how tough it is to get everything smoothed out in such a complex product.

  • You can strong name your assemblies, but you'll get a runtime exception if you do it the way you're used to, in the AssemblyInfo file. Instead you must use a linker switch.
  • Visual Studio won't automatically rename and copy an app.config file for you. You have to write a custom build event.
  • IntelliSense is brittle and feeble, like C# was in VS 2002. It's comforting that the C++ Team plans to re-architect this feature in the next big release.

Perhaps my hordes of readers would like to post their own favorite glitches.

C++ fans are fond of sports car metaphores, and it's certainly not always built for comfort!

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