Wednesday, March 12, 2008

BIzTalk Presentation at the Cleveland .NET SIG

Next month I'm going to give a presentation to the Cleveland .NET SIG titled "The Intelligent Programmer's Guide to BizTalk". This will be geared to the BizTalk novice and will answer the question, "What can I do with BizTalk?" I'll have time for three demonstrations, which I'm currently planning to cover (1) how to set up decoupled publish/subscribe communication, (2) how to manage long-running transactions, and (2) how to achieve massive performance scalability.

I'd welcome anybody's suggestions of things they like included.

The meeting will be Tuesday, April 8, at 5:45. Directions and other info here.


Sarah said...

Looking forward to hearing your talk next month! I take it no leads on the DSL Tools call that you put out?

Richard Broida said...


Not yet, but we will.

If anyone wants to talk about DSL Tools at the SIG, or about Software Factories in general, we're eager to hear from you!